I'm nearing the end of Glass Blowing 101, and I've decided that rather than take Glass Blowing 102, I'm going to move on to the Introduction to Stained Glass. I took Glass Blowing 101 to get a real feel for how the glass is made - where that aspect of the raw material would come from. I'm hoping in the next two weeks I'll be able to make a few flat(ish) plates that I could incorporate into windows later, but I really don't know that I'll be able to spin out (with my rudimentary skill) large enough, even enough plates to cut and use. But we'll see!
The teacher has been profusely apologetic. I think she's taken flak in the past from students who don't feel they are taking enough finished projects home. I tried to reassure her that really, she was just giving us the 18 hours in a 10k hour process. I don't know if that helped, but I hope my enthusiasm for failure has helped. It didn't come out right? What did we learn? It dropped and shattered?! Try again!
It has certainly been fun. Maybe more in the future, but this curiosity has been satisfied for now.