Lesson of the night - Glass is glass. It's finicky and weird and gravity both loves it and hates it, and things you wish would go your way don't.
Don't. Rush.
You have to be quick but purposeful. And the thing that you were making hoping to give to your mom for Easter - well, you have to accept that this is LEARNING, and that it will wind up looking like it was made by a drunken blind toddler.
(And you know your Mom would love it anyway, because you made it, but seriously. I have some pride.)
Sometimes you have on nights and sometimes you don't. Sometimes the glass flows and sometimes you don't.
Anyway. Takeaway of the night - Spinning out glass into a rondel, or circular plate, is Wicked. Effing. Hard. Or at least it will be. I was trying step 1 to getting there by making a "floppy bowl" - a shallow bowl that you kind of let collapse in on it's self, in a controlled way.
Controlled Way.
The glass was too thin, punty was placed way off center, and thing started to spin (har har) out of control from there. The piece was salvaged, in that it will hold... stuff... but see the aforementioned drunken blind toddler.
My teacher feels otherwise, but the hope of having a part of this set of lessons to incorporate into the stained glass part is not looking very likely at all.